A Culture of Thinking

‘Learning is the product of thinking.’ Professor David Perkins

St Paul the Apostle Primary School is a learning community with a ‘Culture of Thinking.’ We value the opportunity to to be creative, analytical and open to new ideas as we learn. We believe that thinking is stronger and richer when we think together. Making our thinking visible to others and building on each others thoughts and perspectives helps us to deepen our understanding.

We actively promote thinking in the design of our learning. We model the dispositions of effective learners, give time for thinking to evolve, build collaborative working relationships and develop the language to articulate our ideas. We strive to create a safe, learning environment that provides opportunities for worthwhile and engaged learning; structures and routines that develop effective learning strategies; in a place where students know they are expected to share their discoveries, grow as independent thinkers and have a voice in their own learning.

The principles and practices of a thinking culture sit at the foundation of all of our learning. It is based on the research of Dr Ron Ritchhart, principal investigator and senior research associate at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education. Each year Ron works closely with the staff and students of St Paul the Apostle as our mentor and teacher.


‘Children grow into the intellectual life around them.’ Lev S. Vygotsky