Student Wellbeing

It is well researched that children with higher levels of emotional, behavioural, social and school wellbeing have higher levels of academic achievement and are more engaged in school. Here at St Paul the Apostle, school is a welcoming, safe and inclusive place for everyone in the community.


Some of our key wellbeing initiatives include:


  • Our SWELL Week and Days throughout the year provide our students with the opportunity to develop relationships and ease into routines and expectations.
  • Community Groups and our commitment to multi-age classes provide learners with the opportunity of peer to peer mentorship and for leadership.
  • Our innovative and inclusive Cooking Program takes into consideration dietary needs of students and values life skills such as eating together, setting a table and cooking safely.
  • Explicit efforts to provide Social and Emotional Learning opportunities such as Mindfulness, the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships, and Cybersafety classroom programs, which support and addresses all strands of the Personal and Social Capability curriculum.
  • A School Chaplaincy program.
  • Participation in various Social Justice fundraising activities.
  • Participation in wellbeing events such as RUOK? Day and Harmony Day.