Learning Diversity

Learning Support

Every child learns at a different rate and in their own way. For most this still fits within the expectations of the classroom. For others it can mean that something extra needs to be put in place to support students to ‘catch up’ or to extend the learning further. Children are identified as in need of extra support through the thorough schedule of assessments implemented by their teachers.

Through our Learning Support Officers, we are able to provide a number of programs and supports for children who need help. As well as general support in the classroom, we provide a number of highly successful intervention programs for children in the areas of reading and mathematics.

Levelled Literacy Intervention

Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is a program for children who are struggling with reading. Unlike Reading Recovery, which is for students in Year One only, LLI is available for students from Year One to Year Six. It builds their skills in decoding unfamiliar words, fluency of expression and comprehension of the text. LLI supports the literacy learning in the classroom and is part of the daily program.