Learning Support Programs


Bluearth works with schools and communities to build movement into every day life. St Paul the Apostle has incorporated the Bluearth program to supplement our Health and Physical Education Program. Our teachers and students work with Sam our Bluearth Instructor to provide weekly sessions that aim to develop a wholistic approach to Health and Physical Activity.  The Bluearth Foundation aims to change kids’ lives through movement and mindfulness. As a partnership, we aim to provide the building blocks to support active play in childhood, helping kids live better – physically, mentally and emotionally.

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GRREaD Readers


GRREaD Readers is a short course designed to help children with the rate and fluency of their reading, over a five week period. Hearing the right tone, allowing the story to flow at the right speed, are important aids to reading and comprehension. In a small group, on a daily basis, with explicit modelling, children practise their reading speed and expression, while reading aloud. This program supports the ongoing development of readers and particularly those students who have come off an LLI program.



Bridges Numeracy

Bridges Numeracy is a mathematics intervention program designed to support children in learning about number. It looks at areas such as counting, place value and the four basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children on this program, attend in a small group, three times a week. This program works in conjunction with the general classroom mathematics program.