Learning and Teaching

St Paul the Apostle Catholic Primary School aims to promote the importance of lifelong learning and active citizenship in Australian contemporary society. Our learning and teaching pedagogies and programs are selected with this aim in mind. We believe that learning comes as a product of our thinking and so the explicit targeting of how we think is fundamental in our teaching practice. We are committed to both the learning of behaviours, skills and knowledges, as well as learning how to learn.

As members of a community we live and work with a range of people. As members of our learning community, we look to mirroring the real world by expecting the children to learn in collaboration with a range of people. We are committed to providing learning opportunities within a multi-age setting, that develop the children’s capacity to effectively cooperate, collaborate and communicate in their world.

Integrated access to the use of contemporary digital technologies will be used as a learning and teaching tool to allow for communication with, and learning through, the local, broader and global community contexts.

Students will also be provided with the explicit teaching of core skills and knowledge across the eight areas of the Victorian Curriculum and the CEM Religious Education Framework, to develop a deeper understanding of how their world works and what they need to be able to work successfully within their world. Ongoing assessments will guide the planning and implementation of targeted learning to meet the needs of all children.