School Partnerships Actively Re-imagining Kids Learning Experiences

While SPARKLE is a catchy acronym, it actually represents an important part of our school culture. We are committed to discovering ways to enhance and improve the learning of our students and believe the best way to achieving this is to work in collaboration with the parents and families of our community. Our SPARKLE team is our invitation to parents to come and be involved in the planning, organisation and delivery of this vision.

Our school has been opened with a great spirit of generosity and willingness to contribute by our parents and families. We are very grateful for the support and involvement of all of our school community, in many different ways. If you are keen to do more and want to be a part of this great journey, maybe you would like to join our ‘SPARKLE” committee.

SPARKLE is made up of of interested, committed and motivated parents and family within our school community, who share our vision of creating a dynamic, connected community.

SPARKLE is a team that currently comprises of 5 sub-committees, including volunteers program, maintenance and development, fundraising and promotions, community building and social outreach and the garden landscape project.


SPARKLE Chairperson: Belinda Galloway

SPARKLE Deputy Chairperson: Taigen Hornsby